Dr. Eva Berger

Eva holds a BA in Film and Television from Tel Aviv University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Media Ecology from New York University (NYU). She is senior lecturer in the School of Media Studies at the College of Management, where she served as Dean from 2006-2012, and she has written multiple books and articles on various topics in the areas of Media and their relationship to Health and Medicine, Peace and Gender. Eva also specializes in the teaching of what has come to be known as "Life Skills." She is a consultant for public and commercial enterprises, and developed curricula in Communications for Israel's school system. She was a member of the Israel Film Council from 2000-2006, has served as a consultant for Israel's Educational Television, and commentator on media matters for various TV stations. She was also member of the Israel Press Council and Chair of "Women in the Picture" an association for the advancement of women in film and television in Israel. Eva is fluent in Spanish, English and Hebrew.