A large industrial corporation had severe performance problems of engineers qualified in the training center. They could not cope with the project’s main goals: schedules, costs and quality of the products. The Capacity Enhancement of the training center, qualifying customer experts in LECA, LATE and TOL and their intervention in the training programs, dramatically improved the performance of the engineers who graduated from the new programs.


The Aviation Industry

A dynamic assessment and cognitive enhancement project was conducted in the Israeli Aerospace Industries for aviation maintenance technicians. The result was a dramatical improvement in the rate of success to attain a Civil Aviation maintenance license.


Fault Isolation

Improving the fault isolation process of technicians who maintain technical systems. The time dedicated to isolate faults in technical systems is critical. In business organizations, shortening the maintenance time has a significant economic value. In defense-oriented and military organizations the effective and quick fault isolation in the battle field, is crucial. The cognitive process of fault isolation demand high level of thinking. The integration of TOL, LECA and LATE in the training program manifested a significant improvement of the fault-isolation capabilities of the technicians.