Moshe Ben-Porath (Benpo), Founder & CEO

Benpo has an Electrical Engineering degree and a Science Teaching certificate from the Technion, Israel. He studied Education at the University of Tel-Aviv and received an EMBA in Business Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Benpo was also certified for Cognitive development by the Feuerstein Institute, Israel. He graduated from the Officers' Academy of the Israel Defense Forces.
Benpo has decades of experience in training, education and design and implementation of a wide range of projects, in over 70 countries.
He began his professional career as a high-school teacher of mathematics and physics and later on established and managed MHT, the Training Division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), including the Industrial Vocational College - that train IAI employees and customers. He was a Training Officer in the Israeli Navy, including 30 years of reserve service. For 18 years he worked with the Youth Department of the Israeli Police and treated youth at-risk. Benpo held the position of VP, Business Development, in RoboGroup T.E.K and VP International Operations, at the Feuerstein Institute.
Much of Benpo’s activities over the years involved the design and implementation of training projects around the world. In this capacity, Benpo was responsible for the development of the Training Development Methodology that became the national standard in the Israeli Defense Forces and which was later exported to many other countries.
The developed projects include:
  • Technological training for youth and adults
  • Pedagogical/Methodological training for teachers and instructors
  • Development of thinking skills
  • Assessment of cognitive potential
  • Military officers' training
  • Excellence in work 1981) – The President of Israel.
  • Break-through in training development (1996) – Israel Human Resources Development organization.
  • Transparency Shield (1998), Transparency International, Israeli Branch.
  • Leadership in Quality Management (1999) -President of IAI.
  • Outstanding Volunteer (2005) - the Israeli Police
Benpo is fluent in: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew and Esperanto.