The following are some important aspects of our methodologies and their effect on the workplace:
Building thinking flexibility which enables efficient and quick learning of new subjects. It equips the learner with thinking structures that are critical for coping with ever-changing technologies.
Preventing human errors – Application of the integrated methodologies to prevent decision making mistakes and to extract lessons when they occur, to prevent further mistakes. This is a crucial methodology for decision makers in the medical field (Decreasing the number of deaths due to erroneous diagnoses by medical doctors), in the finance world and of course, for military commanders.
Enhancement of the Interpersonal capabilities - enabling effective interaction between people, critical for managers at all levels and between marketing personnel and their customers.
Cognitive support for managers and decision makers. In many cases “leaders” feel that they are stuck and need cognitive support to improve their performance by understanding the thinking processes involved in their decisions.
Identifying gifted under-achievers, those whose performance is well below their capabilities, within the organization, revealing their potential using Learning Capacity Assessment (LECA) and improving their thinking skills, thus enabling the fulfilment of their potential.
Improving fault-Isolation skills of maintenance technicians by improving the critical thinking skills involved in the process of troubleshooting.
Debriefing – Extracting lessons from failures (to avoid repeated mistakes) and from successes (to adopt success factors).
Entrepreneurship – Enhancement of creativity among youngsters and establishing incubators for the development of small business entities.