Mr. Yuval Eshet

Yuval is a Content writer and translator for a wide range of commercial companies, NGOs and education institutions. Yuval writes content for training and education documentation, web sites, marketing and technical documentation, work procedures, online product tutorials, and other types of written materials. He also translates and edits technical and marketing documents and films in English, Hebrew and Spanish. For the past two decades, Yuval has been conducting Training Needs Analysis Projects around the world. Since 2011, Yuval is an Instrumental Enrichment mediator and trainer and has conducted workshops in Academia, aimed at teaching undergraduate students how to learn.
Yuval has extensive knowledge of the NGO world and from 2000-04, acted as General Manager of the ‘Art in the Community’ NGO and resource developer for several other organizations. Yuval has a B.Sc. in Marine Sciences and Biology from the University of Miami and a M.Sc. in Marine Environmental Sciences from the Marine Sciences Research Center (MSRC), SUNY at Stony Brook. Yuval is a Dive Master and Skipper and is fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish.